Had this for the first time last week for lunch and the brisket wrap was delicious as well as the mac-n-cheese! Oh and the raspberry chiptole BBQ sauce was by far my favorite!

Britt Suel

Meat is amazing. The sides are weird but whatever. MEAT!!!! Brisket, burnt ends and rib tips are all smoked perfect. Many different sauces to choose from. Service is friendly and fast. My favorite bbq in Fort Wayne.

Katherine Crouch

We've been all across the country in the past few years, and have had our share of BBQ.
This place is top 10 best places.
We were/are Shigs and Pit fans, but knowing this is closer to where we live, it easily compares to Shigs. Trust me, it's good!

Joe Savino

Probably one of the consistently best BBQ places around. It's super close to my house, so I tend to go there more than other places. BBQ sauce is top notch and my favorite is the Texas. It's sweet and spicy.
Still haven't been there early enough to get the burnt ends, so I have no idea if they are good but if they are always out, they must be, right?

Daniel Hicks

Lucille's is one of the best BBQ restaurants in Fort Wayne. The turkey and chicken are moist and tender and the brisket is delicious! Their sauces are quite good, especially the raspberry chipotle. The Mac and cheese, spicy cabbage, Brussels sprouts, Wilson beans and potato casserole are all very tasty. Love this place!

Sherry Rider Weeks

Love this place! Definitely a place I will be returning to on a regular basis! I had the brisket and it was smoked just right and juicy which if you ever had smoked brisket , it is usually dry not Lucille's! And their Texas BBQ sauce was on point! My husband had the sausage and that was so good too! Yes it was a little dry but once you dipped it in the BBQ sauce you were in heaven!!! I haven't had Texas BBQ since I left Texas (born and raised) and I am so happy I stumbled across this place! Next trip will be with my girls so that I can show them what true Texas BBQ taste like!

Melissa Head Stricker